Dolfins is a powdered energy drink with coconut water and real sugar instead of artificial sugar to low-calorie and sugar-free which is unhealthy energy drinks.

Merged with two words of “Dolphin and Fin” and it became the new brand name of “DOLFINS”.
DOLFINS Energy Drinks were created and developed to amplify your power source. No matter how low your current energy level is, DOLFINS will extend your energy when needed. Whether you are working, excercising, parenting or even just studying, taking a drink of DOLFINS will provide you with the power and happiness needed to fulfill your lifestyle at its highest caliber.

The Dolphins and their Fins help maintain their stability and provide directional control. The Fluke, which is the tail provides thrust allowing the dolphin to swim faster.

To give you the powerful effects like dolphins, Dolfins was developed with real energy formula - it improves your consistency of performance without the junk.
We’ve packed Dolfins full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals - and with added caffeine, your energy levels will increase, your focus will be sharper, and you’ll feel refreshingly hydrated.

There are 106mg of caffeine and 20% of coconut water per serving of 12 fl oz Dolfins.

There aren’t any specific limits on daily caffeine consumption, but we recommend that you don’t drink any more than two servings of Dolfins in a day.
Just one serving is enough to provide a sustained energy boost, so start with a single serving and see how it affects your game.
This also allows for extra caffeine from other sources like coffee, tea and chocolate.

We don’t recommend Dolfins to anyone who needs to watch their caffeine intake.
That means children, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women.
Everyone else will be just fine, but always check the label carefully.
If you do have any adverse reactions, stop using Dolfins and speak to a medical professional.

We’ve done the math so you don’t have to.

Dolfins is working out way better for your wallet than traditional energy drinks.
All of the benefits, less of the cost. For what it's worth!

That’s like asking the difference between Xbox and PlayStation.
Dolfins has sugar but it's real sugar. That means you won’t get the hidden unhealthy artificial sugar you’ll find in other energy drinks.

We’ve also loaded Dolfins with a much wider range of coconut water, amino acids, vitamins and minerals than you’ll find in any energy drink.
This means our In-Game Energy will keep you more alert, more energized, more focused and more hydrated.

There are 8 different flavors in each 12 fl oz of Dolfins Energy Drinks.
With Cherry, Honey-Lemon, Grape, Mango, Matcha, Peach, Pineapple and Watermelon.
Dolfins has a top-secret formula and the flavor is a closely guarded secret. The only way to know is to try it.
All of our flavors are moderately sweet, sharp and fruity.

Our energy formulas are made up of coconut water, amino acids, vitamins, minerals with a small amount of caffeine, natural flavor and colors.
Want to know exactly what’s in each serving? Check out our product pages where we have a full list of ingredients. We’ve got nothing to hide.

Yes, Dolfins is available on our online store, which is how we keep the prices low.